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This page is adapted from the full set of rules and regulations which are available here or at the District office.

General Specifications

  • No work will commence until a complete set of plans has been supplied to and approved by the West Boylston Water District.
  • No work shall commence until a Dig Safe number has been obtained and will provide coverage for local utilities.
  • Water Mains shall be lain in street location as laid out by the West Boylston Water District and in conformity with the Planning Board.
  • No work is to be performed on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays unless an emergency exists.
  • Upon completion of a sub-division and upon its acceptance by the Town of West Boylston, a quit claim deed by be provided to the West Boylston Water District for the water lines and appurtances.
  • Under no circumstances shall anyone, other than an employee of the Water District, operate any valve or curb stop, unless otherwise authorized.

Installation Specifications

  • Absolutely no Water Mains shall be laid until street elevation is brought to sub-grade.
  • All Water Mains shall be laid by trained and experienced personnel.
  • All Water Mains shall be laid in accordance to manufacture's specifications, bedded in 6 inches of sand with 12 inches of sand cover.
  • All Water Mains shall have a minimum cover of 5 feet and not more than 6 feet.
  • Tracer tape at least 3 inches wide shall be laid in all pipeline trenches.
  • All Water Mains shall be chlorinated in a manner to meet A. W. W. A. (American Water Works Association) standards.
  • All Water Mains shall be tested at 150 P.S.I. at a minimum.
  • All Main Gates, Hydrants and Fittings shall be thrust blocked with concrete and or rodded where required.
  • Location of service connections shall be approved by the Water District.
  • All service boxes shall be installed in a manner approved by the Water District
  • Hydrants shall be installed and gated in an approved manner.
  • The number and locations of hydrants to be installed shall be determined by the Water District with the approval of the Fire Chief of the Town of West Boylston.
  • Upon completion of a sub-division, all gate and curb boxes shall be re-graded flush with the surface of the road or ground.


Materials shall meet all applicable requirements of the A. W. W. A. standards.

Water Mains

Class 52 Cement Lined Ductile Iron Pipe, meeting A. W. W. A. standards.

Service Lines

1 inch minimum;  200 psi Polyethylene (P.E.)


Ductile Iron, Cement Lined, Mechanical Joint

Main Gates

Clow R/W epoxy coated Open Right gates meeting A. W. W. A standards


Clow Eddy Hydrants, Open Right painted to West Boylston Water District specifications

Gate Boxes

Cast Iron, 36 inch bottoms, 24 inch tops

Service Connections

Curb stops without drains must meet all A. W. W. A. standards
Residential Service Boxes shall be Erie style 1" diameter with 24" stainless steel rod

Service Taps

Epoxy coated iron saddle with wide stainless steel strap, meeting A. W. W. A. standards


To be installed by the West Boylston Water District upon payment of meter fee; 5/8 by 3/4 Meter with valve.



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