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  Water Main Replacement Program

The West Boylston Water District was established and has operated the water system for West Boylston since 1939. The underground infrastructure of the Water System currently consists of over 56 miles of water mains throughout the Town. The District provides, on average, over a half million gallons of water per day to approximately 6,000 residences and businesses in West Boylston. Approximately 50 miles, or almost 90%, of the Districtís Water System mains are currently made of asbestos cement (AC), as opposed to ductile iron (DI) , of which most of the mains that are installed today are made. The majority of these older, AC mains were put into service prior to 1970, and over half before 1960. The useful life of AC mains depends upon how and where the AC main was installed. For example, according to the most recent studies, AC pipe has estimated useful life of 50 to 70 years, depending on the soil condition around the pipe and if it was installed correctly. Due to the increase in water main breaks on the AC mains, the District has started a program to replace these aging pipes with newer stronger DI water main. This program will be based on the number of water main breaks and their severity, along with the soil conditions of the area around the water main.

The first project will be started in 2013 at Valley Forge Circle. The entire 6 inch AC water main on Valley Forge Circle will be replaced with new 8 inch DI, along with new hydrants, valves and services to the property lines. This existing water main has been prone to several water main breaks over the last 10 years and due to the wet soil conditions the existing pipe has become deteriorated and weak. The upgrade in size from 6 inch to 8 inch will also help with fire flows through the hydrants in the surrounding areas. We expect to start this project in June of 2013.

  Well Exploration Program

The District has been working with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) to locate a new water source to add to the water system.

Preliminary testing done in 2010 on one parcel owned by the DCR in the Northeast section of West Boylston has shown promising results. We are currently working with our engineering consultant to move forward with the next phase of this well exploration which includes well drilling, an extended pumping test, water quality testing, environmental monitoring and the filing of state and local permits to allow this testing to be done. We hope to complete this next phase in 2012.

Hydrant Replacement Program

The District started a hydrant replacement program in 2011.  This program will focus on replacing some of the older model fire hydrants (1940's era) with newer hydrants that are designed to break away from the underground portion, without the loss of any water, if they were to be hit by a vehicle.

  Electrical Upgrades at Pump Stations

We have started to upgrade the electrical components at the wells and pump stations as these components are now beyond their useful life. The new equipment will be more energy efficient and will consume less energy.

Most of the upgrades will included the following new components:

  • 480v Electrical Service and Transformer
  • Motor Control Center (MCC) with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Master Electrical Panel and Switches
  • Heating and Ventilation system components
  • Emergency Generator Connection

Facilities Completed and the Proposed Schedule:

Lee Street Pump Station - 2013
Oakdale Well - 2014
Pleasant Valley Well - 2015
Lee Street Well - 2016


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