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New: CodeRED Emergency Notification System

July 2011

The West Boylston Water District has contracted with Emergency Communications Network to license its CodeRED high-speed notification solution.  The CodeRED system provided District officials the ability to quickly deliver message to target areas or to the entire District.  For more information, see the CodeRED Enrollment page.

Click here to read the entire Press Release.

Coliform Bacteria Found in the Drinking Water

September 2015

Four water samples that were tested in September 2015 showed the presence of Coliform bacteria.  While this is not an emergency, you have a right to know what occurred and how we responded.  Please read the full notice for information.

  Laurel Street Construction:

The West Boylston Water District has installed a new water main on Laurel Street, from # 80 to the Holden Town Line in 2006. In 2007, we installed a booster pump station to increase the pressure and volume on Laurel Street from #144 to the Holden line.  This pump station will greatly improve the pressure and fire protection for the residents of this section of Laurel Street. 

The West Boylston Water District will be conducting startup testing of the new booster pump station at #138 Laurel Street beginning in April 2008. This booster pump will service the homes on Laurel Street from #139 to #296.

The testing involves the opening and flushing of hydrants and the measurement of flows throughout the system while the new pumps are running. You may experience times of discolored water (due to the flushing) and pressure fluctuations as we conduct this testing.

The affected areas may include the following streets: Laurel St, Hosmer St, Keyes St, Almanac Way, Lisa Circle and Rivington Dr.

As a means of notification we will have our yellow “Hydrant Flushing” signs out on these days. Please look for them and please do not hesitate to call us if you experience any problems

The District thanks you for your continued cooperation and patience during this project.

 Please contact us at 508-835-3025 with any questions.

 Water Meter Replacement and Automated Meter Reading Program:

The Water District has begun a Water Meter Replacement and Automated Meter Reading Program throughout the Town.  The new water meters are equipped with radio transmitting devices that will enable the District to use a hand-held meter-reading device to register your water usage.  This new system will reduce the utilities meter reading costs, replace the aging meters, which in most cases are over 10 years old, and improve customer service by providing immediate and accurate responses to your water meter reading inquiries.  This program is mandatory.  Every older meter must be replaced with a new unit and every newer water meter must be retrofitted.  The work will be at no additional cost to the customer.

Water District personnel will perform meter installations in one geographic area at a time.  District vehicles are clearly marked, our employees will be wearing uniforms and they will have a picture identification that can be verified with the West Boylston Police Department.  The average installation time is about 30 minutes.  A service technician will replace your old water meter with a new meter and install a radio transmission device.

Water meters will be replaced by appointment.  Before we begin working in your neighborhood, you will receive a letter asking you to schedule a time for the work to be done.  Prior to your appointment, please remove all items from around the meter to provide proper access.  An adult must be on the premises at the time of the appointment.

Please check our Frequent Asked Questions for many questions specific to this replacement program.

  Hydrant Flushing Program:

The Water District has instituted a water main and hydrant flushing program for the spring and fall each year.  The flushing hours will be from 8:00am to 4:00pm.  Please watch for the Yellow Signs in your neighborhood.  We will also place a notice in "The Banner" and on WBPA-TV Channel 11.

Flushing involves the use of high velocity water to scour the inside surfaces of the water mains.  Water may be discolored during the flushing and for several hours after flushing each day.  Residents should avoid washing laundry during flushing until the water becomes clear.  Temporary yellow signs will be posted within the flushing areas to inform the residents.

If the water remains discolored for several hours after flushing or if a change in pressure or volume is noted, please call the Water District.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this program.

  Water Use Restrictions:

Mandatory Water Use Restrictions are in effect, as of May 15, 2006.  Please check out our Use Restrictions page for more information.


Where to Find Us!

The District Office is located at 183 Worcester Street.  Our phone number is 508-835-3025.










































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