Lee Street Water Main Break 8/12/2020

Shortly after 7:30am on Wednesday, our system indicated a potential break near the Lee Street well. Our technician on call quickly found there was a break, and had it isolated within the hour. Technicians then diverted water so that a majority of the system had service, although low pressure and murky water will continue until full repairs are made. A portion of Lee Street (from approximately #77 to Goodale) was shut down to facilitate repairs. A reverse-911 call was put out to area residents to notify those affected*. As of 9:45am, Ricciardi Bros. construction, who has been working to replace mains on North Main Street, was digging and had found the break. As of 11am, a large pressure split was found on a section of the 8″ main due to additional stress on the system from additional water use during this dry spell. Around 2:30pm, repairs were completed on the original split when resumption of service found a second split further up in the water main. As of 4:15pm, the area had been pumped out and crews were working on the damaged main.As of 7pm, repairs were complete and the WBWD crew was slowly turning water back on. It will take several hours for pressure to build back up, and several days for the system to fully settle. Affected residents should flush their cold water taps, preferably outside, once full pressure is restored, until your water runs clear. It is normal for the water to look cloudy (air) or occasionally somewhat murky for several days after such a large disruption of service.The West Boylston Water District appreciates your patience while they safely work to keep the water flowing, even in less than ideal weather conditions.

*If you did not receive a call and are on this portion of Lee Street, please call our office.