Hydrant Flushing to Begin September 24, 2018

The West Boylston Water District will start it’s flushing program on Monday September 24th  from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. As part of the water system maintenance, flushing uses high velocity water to scour the interior surface of the water mains. Local residents may experience a change in pressure or cloudy water during and directly after the flushing cycle. If this happens in your area, please run the cold faucets after 4:00 pm in your home to flush the lines until the water runs clear. The anticipated schedule is as follows:

  • Monday 9/24: Temple St., Pinewood Dr., Maple St., Worcester St. and Franklin St.
  • Tuesday 9/25: Central St., Franklin St., Worcester St., Newton St., West Boylston St., Prospect St. and Goodale St.
  • Wednesday 9/26: Crescent St., Pine Arden Dr., Townsend Dr., Townsend Cr. and Lynwood Ln.
  • Thursday 9/27: North Main St., Reed St., Stillwater Heights Dr. and Laurel St.
  • Friday 9/28: Rivington Dr., Hosmer St., Lisa Cr. and Almanac Way.

Area residents will be notified via the CodeRed reverse 911 system when we will be in these areas. All dates are subject to change due to weather.