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CodeRED Enrollment

Seconds Count During Emergencies

The West Boylston Water District utilizes the CodeRED high-speed emergency notification system provided by Emergency Communications Network. 

How We Use CodeRED: The CodeRED system allows us to quickly deliver critical messages to Residents and Business owners. The system can send these communications to the entire District or just to targeted areas - all within minutes.  We will use this system to notify the District customers in case of emergency situations that require immediate action.  CodeRED will dial the numbers in the database and deliver a recorded message describing the situation and any instructions for action.  The message will play when the phone is answered by a live person or an answering machine; three attempts are made to contact each number.  You can also choose to receive this information via a text message or in e-mail.

Privacy:  Your contact information will remain private and will only be used for these emergency communications.

Enroll in the CodeRED Database:  If you are a West Boylston Water District customer, either Residential or Business, you should ensure that your information is in the CodeRED database.  This is particularly important if:

  • You have an unlisted telephone number;
  • You have changed your address or phone number in the past year;
  • You only have a cell phone;
  • You use VoIP for your telephone service (like Vonage or Charter Telephone)

You can also request notification on multiple telephone numbers and to receive the information via text message or e-mail.

Because CodeRED allows for geographically based delivery, you contact information must be associated with a street address.

Click below to register now or to update your information

CodeRED Registration

To ensure that our calls reach you when necessary, accurate and up-to-date information is essential!

If you have any difficulty registering your information or you wish to be removed from the contact list, please call us at our office or send an e-mail to mcoveney@westboylstonwater.org.



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